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Main’s Lock Supply… provides keying work solely for other locksmiths.

Having had a key shop before, we realize that a good key shop is a busy place and does not lend itself to taking 4 or 5 hours “time out” to pin up a job of IC cores. The phone just rings TOO much and customers MUST be tended to. We provide keyed cores at a price (starting at $5.00) that makes the modern locksmith say to himself, “Just what is my time worth?”

We devote ourselves here at Main’s to have a huge stock of new and used cores, the very finest equipment to make your keys, and the most skilled hands to pin cores for you. We understand all aspects of keying and can extend YOUR system, create one for you, or just provide you with pre-keyed cores. We are here to assist YOUR business and help YOU make more money. We feel that to do cores “right” the investment is such to be almost out of reach of many locksmiths. What we feel is needed is a wholesaler that understands your job, has all the materials you need, and will actually do all the “grunt” work for you.

Besides assisting you with IC core work and code cutting of keys, we offer a huge selection of IC locks of all descriptions including parts and pieces that you might not find at the “regular” lock wholesalers.

At Main’s we work one on one with the professional modern locksmith assisting to get that pressing job out in a timely, cost effective manner.

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