About Us

We take our craft seriously.
Quality, accuracy, efficiency: it’s what we do.

Whether its people we work for or people who work for us, we value honesty, passion and the desire to create a product that can be relied upon time and again.

The ICCores.com story began over 30 years ago, inside of an old, repurposed barn in the city of Yucaipa, California. It was then that master locksmith Randy Main began tinkering with and perfecting the recipe for the mass production of interchangeable cores. What began as an endeavour to serve his local community of locksmiths with pre-pinned cores eventually blossomed into a national affair of reliable service and quality work. Randy soon found himself pinning cores full-time and expanded his operation to encompass the growing need for his services. By 2015, as the desire for his IC Core pinning services was beginning to outgrow the confines of his modestly sized barn, Randy began contemplating retirement. He was ready to fulfill his lifelong dream of curating and operating his very own ghost town in Goldfield, Nevada. It was time for a company with the appropriate technological and logistical resources to take his business model to the next level, and beyond.

In 2016 that's exactly what leading national locksmith distributor American Key Supply did. With Randy's blessings, guidance, and oversight, we took his operation and scaled it to match the growing demand for his services. We expanded upon every facet of the business to embrace the same technological advancements which American Key Supply has benefitted from, but with his formula for production and his family-owned-and-operated work ethic still intact.

With the added tools, machines, and manpower, ICCores.com is equipped to meet the needs of the most demanding of clients. No job is too big or too small. Our prices are virtually the same as Randy's offerings over 30 years ago, with the new, added benefit of a very generous free shipping policy. We have flexible shipping options and most orders will ship on the very same day they were placed.

With all of this in mind, please ask yourself: WHAT IS YOUR TIME WORTH? What reasons can you find for not allowing us to hammer out your IC Cores jobs faster, more accurately and more professionally than ever before? Randy Main and ICCores.com think you have better things you can be doing with your time.

Give us a try. You will NOT be disappointed!

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